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Parthenon Village
The village of Parthenonas is characterized as the most beautiful village of Halkidiki. It is a traditional settlement that historical sources testify to its existence as early as the 9th century BC. In the 70's, the inhabitants of the Parthenon moved to N. Marmara and the village was deserted. Today all the houses in the village have been restored. Visit the Parthenon and admire the traditional Macedonian architecture and the wonderful view it offers to the Gulf of Toroneos. There are traditional taverns and cafes in the village.
Lykithos Castle and Church of Agios Athanasios
Lycithos was in antiquity one of the most important Greek cities of Northern Greece with strong fortifications, which were claimed by Athenians and Spartans. The settlement and the castle were destroyed in the 15th-16th century. Today you can visit the ruins of the medieval fortification that are preserved in Toroni, Halkidiki. In the same area is the church of Agios Athanasios. The early Christian church of Agios Athanasios is characterized as a three-aisled basilica of the 5th century. The church was destroyed in the 6th century, after a fire broke out in the area. Another smaller temple was built in its place. It is located between Toroni and Porto Koufo.
Porto Koufo
Porto Koufo is the largest natural port in Greece. It got its name from the fact that if you stand there, you do not hear the sea at all! The landscape is beautiful, the waters have a blue-green color that changes to deep blue as the depth of the sea changes. Caves are created on its rocky shores and one of them can be visited by boat. There are taverns with fresh fish and seafood in the area.
Diaporos island
Diaporos is a small island located just opposite Vourvourou in Halkidiki. It is a place of unspoiled exotic beauty that is more reminiscent of the Caribbean than Greece. The waters are blue-green and crystal clear, the pines grow next to the beach. The Diaporos is reminiscent of a small paradise on earth.
Nikiti Beach
The beach of Nikiti is sandy, with shallow clear waters and awarded with a Blue Flag. It is organized and has umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bar, restaurant, mini market and lifeguard.
In the natural continuation of the beach of Nikiti you will meet Kastri. It is a beach surrounded by two small capes and one of them ends on an island. The location offers a wonderful view of the sunset and is of historical interest, as it is believed that the ancient city of Galipsos was located there. Kastri is a beautiful beach with clear waters which remains unknown to most visitors.
Ai - Giannis beach
Ai-Giannis beach is one of the most famous beaches of Halkidiki. It is organized and has umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar. In summer, big beach parties are organized.
Paradise Beach
Paradisos beach is organized and has umbrellas and sunbeds. It is a quiet beach with crystal clear and warm waters and offers a magnificent view of the afternoon sunset. Nearby there are cafes and taverns.
Kalogria beach is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of Sithonia. It has been awarded a blue flag and is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar.
Tristinika beach with its fine sand and crystal clear waters is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. It is one kilometer long. There is also a beach bar on the beach that offers umbrellas and sunbeds. Be sure to visit it!
Kavourotripes beach is a small earthly paradise. Its waters are very shallow, turquoise and crystal clear and the surrounding landscape is green. There is a canteen on the beach offering umbrellas and sunbeds.
Vourvourou beach
Karydi beach in Vourvourou is famous for its exceptional beauty. Its pine-covered area with fine sand and blue waters make the place unique. Nearby there are beach bars, taverns and mini market available.
Koviou coast
Koviou beach has been awarded a Blue Flag. Its waters are clear and turquoise, its sand is white and fine. There is a small beach bar and a canteen on the beach. There is plenty of room for your own equipment. The dense vegetation of the beach offers plenty of shade in case you do not have your own umbrella.
The beach of Armenistis is awarded every year with a Blue Flag, as the waters are crystal clear, the beach is crystal clear and the facilities are functional and environmentally friendly. Feel the absolute relaxation under the plane trees and pines that reach the beach and looking at the endless view to the peninsula of Mount Athos.